We help you grow mindfulness


At Work

Our workplace program offers comprehensive, adaptable mindfulness training to help individuals, teams, and organizations thrive.


At School

Our holistic approach builds a healthy community, with professional development for educators, programs for students, and learning opportunities for parents/guardians.


At Home

Through a wide range of programs, including the evidence-based MBSR course, we help people discover how to live with greater ease, health, and happiness.


A Mindful Choice is committed to helping people cultivate tools to live more fully and cope with stress more effectively. To learn more about our programs and how we can support you, please contact us.


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What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is awareness of what is happening inside us and around us in each moment. It is a natural ability that we all have, and one that we can strengthen with practice. A key aspect of mindfulness practice is the attitude with which we pay attention. Instead of slipping into a harshly judgmental mindset (which often happens automatically), we adopt a sense of curiosity and kindness, which helps us notice our assumptions and be less critical of ourselves and others. This combination of awareness and care enables us to improve the way we manage stress and make choices from a stable base, ultimately empowering us to navigate our lives with greater balance, wellbeing, and contentment.


Why Practice?

Studies have shown that mindfulness practice can yield myriad benefits, positively impacting our physical, mental, and emotional health, and contributing to: 

  • Greater resilience, balance, and overall wellbeing

  • Lower levels of stress and anxiety

  • Stronger immune systems

  • Improved ability to focus

  • Increased empathy, kindness, patience, and compassion

  • Decreased behavior problems

  • Renewed sense of happiness

  • Healthy, thriving communities at work, school, and home