Grow Mindfulness at Home


We offer a variety of mindfulness opportunities for adults and youth in Northern VA, Washington D.C., and the greater mid-Atlantic region. For the current schedule, please go to "Classes" or for more information, please contact us.



Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a transformative 8-week program in which participants cultivate tools to live life more fully and cope with stress more effectively.  In a supportive environment, MBSR offers meditation, mindful yoga and movement, discussion, and home practices as vehicles for personal growth.  The Center for Mindfulness, birthplace of MBSR, offers more information about the MBSR program and its history

Workshops & Mentoring

Introductory workshops demonstrate how mindfulness practice has the power to transform our lives and improve our well-being by changing the way we manage stress. Topics include what mindfulness is, how and why it is beneficial, and tips for starting a practice and integrating mindfulness into one’s life.  Individual Mentoring by video conference is designed to offer support as you establish or deepen your mindfulness practice.

Multi-Level Courses

The Mindfulness Foundations Course explores key components of mindfulness, inviting participants to learn techniques that build inner strength and compassion in ways that reduce stress, improve capacity for resilience, and increase overall wellbeing. A key goal of this program is helping participants integrate the practice into their lives.  Additional courses are offered that build upon the Foundations course, focusing on cultivating peace and joy.